Monday, 22 February 2016

Apple crumbles

Yesterday we finally started making and selling the first batch of Apple crumbles. I was encharge of making and raping them up. I also helped chop up the apples. It felt so awesome to be selling Apple crumbles to children and parents. The hole thing was really cool.

Here is a photo of the banner that we made I coulerd the blue u.the banner spells APPLE CRUMBLE FUNDRAISER.

It was my turn to sell on Tuesday it was great we raised a lot of money.
This is a picture of some kids preparing apples.
Look at all those yummy crumbles.
Here is some other kids preparing the apples 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


B. My weaknesses this week was the way the flip book was designed it was very complex to get the shape right.

W. I liked to collect the information and facts by using the hexagons. I did one day school so I had done the hexagons befor

Y. My strengths this week like I said was the hexagons because I had done them befor. I liked doing this protect I think it was really my faute